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Computech Systems is your racing electronics superstore. Whether it be Drag Racing, Circle Track Racing, Tractor Pulling, Boat Racing, or Road Racing, if it's racing we'll supply you the best electronics and technical support in the market. We sell products to Drag Racers, Dragsters, Pro Mod Modified, Bracket Racers, Pro Street, Tractor Pullers, Sprint Cars, Circle Track Racers, Dirt Track Racers, Boat Racers, Salt Flat Racers, Snowmobile and anything with an Engine. Delivering you products such as the Computech RaceAir, RaceAir Pro and RaceAir Remote Portable Handheld and Trailer Mounted Pager Text Message Weather Stations. Computech DataMaxx Drag Racing Data Logger Acquisition Computer and Software offers Bracket, Sportsman and Professional Kits with LCD Dash Unit. Monitors Oil psi, Fuel psi, Water temp, 1 or 8 cylinder Exhaust Gas Temperature, Driveshaft RPM, Inputshaft RPM, Engine Vacuum Pressure, Nitrous or Boost psi, O2 Oxygen Sensor, Accelerometer, Fuel Flow Meters and Ignition timing. Computech Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Plus Gauge with Dual Channel Exhaust Monitor and RPM Monitoring. Dedenbear, Digital Delay, and K&R Performance Drag Racing Delay Boxes like the Mega, Elite, Pro Cube, Lightning, Thunder and Crossover Delay Boxes with 4 Stage Timers. Dedenbear and Digital Delay Dial In Boards with Remote Dial Bracket and Remote Manual Controls. Switch Panels from Digital Delay and K&R Performance for Dragsters, Race Cars and Dirt Cars with Remote Mount Relay Board and Unique Push Button Starters. The best selection of Throttle Stops on the internet from Digital Delay, Dedenbear and Advanced Control Devices as Linkage Throttle Stops and Baseplate Throttle Stops in both Electric and CO2 operated available with kits. Port-A-Tree Practice Trees Eliminator and Pocket Pal Handheld Practice Tree with foot operated clutch and throttle switch, cigarett lighter adapter and delay box interfaces. Computech Vehicle Reaction Timer VRT removes the driver's reaction timer from the launch equation. Computech and Crew Chief Drag Racing ET Prediction Log Book Software such as the Crew Chief Pro, Crew Chief Pro Pager Enabled, RaceBase Electronic Log Book and Race Base Pro Electronic Log Book Software Programs Predict ET, Predict Throttle Stop Settings and Predict Tune Up changes.